Scandalous shooting of Major-Gen Khattiya in front of reporters by army sniper

The killers of Major-Gen Khattiya....rooftop army snipers

Here is the video released by ABC whose reporters were interviewing Major-Gen Khattiya, just before he was shot while speaking to them, presumably by army sniper armed with long range laser guided weapon, hitting him on the head with pinpoint accuracy, leaving those around him stunned but unhurt.

This video may not be viewed by those under-aged.

The protest grew more violent after Major Gen. Khattiya Sawasdipol, a renegade who is considered a leader of the protesters, was shot in the head Thursday. Another 2 protesters were killed after being shot in the head by the same sniper team and 20 more were injured, bringing the death toll to 30 since March 14.

Khattiya remained unconscious. Protesters said the Thai military used illegal force to shoot him under Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva`s order, but Bangkok denied the military’s involvement in the shooting.

Abhisit also declared a state of emergency in 15 provinces in northern and northeastern Thailand. A state of emergency was also declared in 17 provinces including Bangkok and surrounding areas where the Thai prime minister declared a state of emergency April 7.

Looked like game-over for Abhisit. It really is a piece of shit.

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